Ceramic courses

Our ceramic courses take place in Noarootsi, in beautiful surroundings in Läänemaa. 

In summer participants make use of a big workshop (ca 50m2) and a separate studio in our ceramic workshop meant for smaller groups. Our courses are flexible, and can be tailored according to individual wishes of participants. Should you wish, the studio may be also used for activities beyond training.

Beginners are offered ceramic basics and practice: free modelling, shaping, and turning of clay. Decoration of items is possible with a broad range of different glazes.

When affinity groups gather, we run courses of ancient ceramics manufacture. We try methods of Pit-Comb Ware culture using clay strips, decoration, polishing and burning of the items in the ground.

Hence process of ceramics manufacture includes several stages – modelling and burning, two or even more courses should be taken, between which items can dry and be burned.

Price of a course includes:
  • Trainer’s guidance
  • All necessary materials and tools
  • Burning of items
  • and last but not least – pleasant company, and coffee or tea breaks.